Cell Line Production


Cell Line Development

The Starting Point for IND Approval
  • 아이콘
    Duration 3 months
    Transfection > RCB candidate screening
  • 아이콘
    Monoclonality Beacon platform
    GS (Glutamine Synthetase)
  • 아이콘
    Productivity CHOZN GS-/- (~7g/L)
    * Varies depending on the characteristics of the substance submitted by the customer
Cell Line Development Process
  • STEP 01 아이콘
    Cell pool screening


    2,000 mini pool

    Top 2 pools

  • STEP 02 아이콘
    Single cell clone

    Top 10 clones

    Fed-batch evaluation

    Top 5 clones

  • STEP 03 아이콘
    Cell bank for RCB

    Top 5 clones

    Cell bank (30vials/clone)

    Mycoplasma contamination test

  • Optional 아이콘
    Cell stability study

    Cell line stability evaluation

    Cell density, Cell viability,
    Measurement of productivity

Shortened Development Period

Basic cell line development


NEW cell line development

12 weeks
14 weeks
4 weeks
Cell pool
Single cell
Cell bank for
8 weeks
1 weeks
4 weeks

8 months


3 months

Y-Biologics’ Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage Secured with the Introduction of Beacon Equipment

Enables screening for high-expression single cells and monoclonality

Accelerated cell line development for swift development

※ Beacon service available

  • 아이콘

    30 plates
    (96 well plate)

    6 weeks
  • 아이콘

    1 chip
    (1,750 chamber)

    1 week

Acquisition of Key Data for IND Approval

  • Loading 이미지

    Transfer of monoclonal cells into a nanopen chamber using OptoElectro Positioning (OEP) technology

  • Culture 이미지

    Continuous imaging in the nanopen chamber to record the cell count and growth speed

* Source: Beacon (Berkely Lights Inc)

  • High-Expression Clone Screening 이미지

    Assessment of the productivity of cloning of 30 to 40 cells

  • Clone Screening 이미지

    Productivity of ~7 g/L

Use of State-of-the-Art Equipment for Optimal Results

Cost reduction and improvement of productivity and quality based on an automated process

High-expression single cell selection and monoclonality ensured with the use of state-of-the-art HTS equipment

  • 이미지

    The most powerful tool for single cell isolation

  • 이미지

    Miniature incubator for fed-batch culture

  • 이미지

    Productivity assessment in a 96-well plate

  • 이미지

    Increased transfection efficiency and cell stability

  • 이미지

    High-definition images of the cell growth process

  • 이미지

    Precise inoculation in a 96-well plate